The project is led by m2 secure as development team and resources are invested into the project by us and by cooperating parties since May 2011.


m2 software are independent of any other 3rd party networking software, except for standard IP/UDP, the operation system of the host and Java with standard open Java libraries. The protocols and software that handles it are all designed and developed by m2 secure.

All IP rights and trademarks to m2 and m2 products are held by the company m2 Secure ASĀ  Org: NO-913072022, Norway

For more information, contact:

Designer and CEO Mr. Leif Auke, e-mail: leif at auke dot no, phone: +47 926 55 195, Norway


It is not possible to hide networking packet’s traveling on the open Internet. Any networking activities are possible to monitor or intercept in any router or server along the way between two peers (computers).

To maintain security and discretion you must conceal the purpose of the packets with various techniques. This is what m2 do by using anonymous addressing, bi directional session encryption, session-less UDP and optionally middleman proxies to hide IP address identities.

History of the project

  • Added offline services for more reliable delivery of messages for in-frequent users, june 2016 (optionally)
  • Released payable m2 discreet app to replace m2 circles free app in march 2016
  • Release for voice conversations, sept 2015
  • Release for circle directory may 2015
  • Release of brand/special version m2tweet private nov 2014
  • Android mobile m2 circles client ready in Mars 2014, with official beta release by 1 of May 2014
  • m2 core network protocol ready for Android in December 2013
  • PC based m2 circles (Windows, Linux and IOS) version in June 2013
  • Anonymous reporting and whistle blower system ready by December 2012
  • First fully functional core M2 ready by September 2011 (continuously improved after)
  • Decided as a core networking protocol for external product in august 2011 (NT Whistle blower system)
  • Started May 2011 with core design of the m2 Core network protocol