The m2 concept

Overall concept of m2 is to provide a simple, out of the box, secure, reliable and non metadata collecting messaging system (metadata are logs about who you call and who you message with).

The following basic rules are set for providing this privacy:

  • No centralized user registry linked to user activities.
  • No logging of user activities what so ever.
  • User identities are concealed from third party view during messaging
  • Everything encrypted directly between the parties.
  • Supporting isolated concealed users domains (called circles)

m2 is based on this networking functionality:

  • Sends and receives directly (peer to peer (p2p)).
  • Peer to peer session encryption with session temporary keys (RSA4096/AES128)
  • IP address protection proxies. (optional middleman)
  • Global big hash peer addressing, unique, not decrypt able and network neutral to users and users domains.
  • Services “do and forget”, all in memory of any server involved.

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Disclaimer for peer to peer rule:  For delivery stability, optional offline delivery are supported on user explicit consent. Offline messages are handled anonymously, encrypted and temporarily and are deleted when delivered, but are not as private as peer to peer sending.

Product and service line for the m2 concept

  • m2 discreet messengers (m2 discreet and m2 free circles)
  • m2 messenger branded and embedded circles versions
  • m2 directory server for user directories
  • m2 Offline server for personal circles or personal offline delivery
  • m2 directory integration software
  • m2 licensing services software
  • m2 network core p2p

m2 circles messenger

Publicly available messenger (this product) for chat, voice an file exchange

m2 messenger branded and embedded circles versions

We provide the messenger in branded versions for organizations to present them self with a dedicated messenger app.

m2 directory server

Server for public directory and user account services. Public circles server are available for regular users or organizations for enabling their own private groups installed on their own server.

m2 Offline server

For offline delivery of messages, users can install their own personal service. If installed, all offline delivery from any useres will be sent to this offline service, instead of our standard and default services.

Can be installed on a server or a home PC. (ask for more information)

m2 directory integration software

Branded version with dedicated embedded circles integrate into existing directory services. We provide the software to do it.

m2 Licensing services

Additional licensing services and software, for application use. Integrated into the m2 networking client software.

m2 Network

The core peer to peer m2 network, containing client software and public servers for look-up and peer to peer connects. M2 networking client software are available for application use.